Career MedStripes

MedStripes is led by a talented team of software engineers and clinicians with a wide range of experience, coming together with a focus on making the healthcare management simple.

We left suffocating, soul-crushing, corporate jobs to start this company to make every aspect of post acute care SIMPLE. We like challenging the status quo.

Customers will always be our number one priority. We often hear that users are burdened with too many manuel process that is hard to keep a track in this ever changing fast paced environment. SO it’s our Job to take care of customers by giving them excellent support and provide the right tools that is user friendly and simple to use. As a result we both get smarter together. We like taking difficult problems, and that’s why we are here as a company. We like making healthcare management SIMPLE even when it gets harder.

We are not afraid to take risk. Taking risk or a fall is vital to creativity. Creativity leads to innovation.

Our team at Med Stripes aims for excellence in what it does and we are problem solvers. When things go wrong for customers, we fix them. When things go wrong for MedStripes, we face them.

We treat everyone with trust and respect. We value people and strongly believe that everyone is entitled to treatment that is dignified and loving.

We are socially and environmentally responsible and invest our time and resources in activities that bring measurable value to this great world and communities in which we live and serve.

At MedStripes we constantly take time to identify opportunities for improvement, Incorporate forward-thinking concepts recommend various solutions and constantly improve to be the best Healthcare solution providers in the industry.

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