Home Health


A Home Healthcare software designed by clinicians with powerful documentation at the point of care to ensure accuracy and compliance.

A system that can help you manage risk, drive growth and optimize clinical performance. We work online and offline maximizing reimbursements.

We provide with more complete documentation and drive more accurate claims and guard against denials.


Automated Face To Face Encounter offering a Clinical Summary generated from key data entry fields in the Comprehensive Assessment to support patient eligibility for Home Health Services.
Automated Physician Order generation with documented changes to patient’s Medications, Wound Care, and ordered Patient services and goals for episode of care.

Skilled Visit

Skilled visit documentation focuses on Care Continuity and continued home health eligibility documentation for Skilled Need, Visit Plan, Homebound status, Vital Sign trend and Wound care history with no look back or chart review to determine previous documentation.
Generate skilled visit frequency and schedule to ensure ordered visit frequency matches actual visit frequency

Therapy Documentation

Unique Streamlined Therapy documentation with flexibility of Assessment data content resulting in establishment of Functional Assessment, Interventions, Therapies and Goals for Therapy Visit documentation.
Focused Patient assessment documentation apart from routine head to toe system assessment through Etiology establishing location and assessment of abnormal/ unusual findings offering ordered treatment/therapy and assessment history.

Work flow

Unique Work flow for Home Health Aide Plan allowing Task assignment for Home Health Aide visits ensuring Home Health Aide visit documentation meets regulatory requirements ensuring Home Health Aide Performance of tasks and documentation do not fall outside of established plan.

Management System

Content Management System providing template Order Teaching and Goals based upon best practice disease process recommendations focusing on patient engagement and disease self-management.
Intelligent flow of data preventing the need to enter the same data in multiple areas of a patient record

Plan of Care

Integrated Plan of Care Orders, Teaching and Goals in Skilled Visit documentation across all disciplines allowing continuous update of patient progress while also presenting a history of all updates.
Automated Plan of Care created from Comprehensive Assessment data entry Fields representing all components required per Home Health Conditions of Participation


Quality Assurance

At our company we partner with home health consultants and regulatory experts.

We develop, implement, evaluate and maintain a QAPI(Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement) program.

Taking action to address your agency's performance to include prevention and reduction of medical errors is our top priority.

Claims & Billing

We simplify billing with customized business rules for each payer source that eliminates cumbersome manual work.

Our billers  minimize turnaround times on claims. Write-offs and lost revenue can be rendered non-existent under our model.

We, increasing your agency’s cash flow and bottom line, offer you a seasoned and fully equipped billing team, minus the headaches. The burden of hiring, training, and supervising billing personnel is left to us.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Optimization increases cash flow by reducing bottlenecks in this billing process.

It also ensures compliance with federal and state regulations. A thorough review of billing processes can reveal critical shortcomings of an agency’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) model which we can rectify. 


Mindful statutory financial reporting has both near term and long term consequences.

Our cost reporting team will help you to avoid the pit-falls of Medicaid, Medicare, and other payer cost reporting. We are Up-To-Date on Regulations and we specialize in Skilled Nursing Facility/ SNF/ Nursing Home Cost Reports, Home Health Agency/ HHA Cost Reports and Hospice Cost Reports.

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