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A software solution for Home Health Care and Physicians that is fully integrated and web based with an intuitive interface designed by clinicians for clinician’s ease-of-use.

Home Health Software
  • A fully integrated web based software with an intuitive interface designed by clinicians for clinician’s ease-of-use.
  • The clinical work flow helps clinicians to document assessments, goals, interventions, notes which transforms to the plan-of-care.
  • Specific access based on defined roles and rights which reduces complexity by simplifying the workflow for clinicians ease-of-use.
  • Convenience of use anywhere using IPAD, Android, Smartphones, MacBook, PC & tablet-PCs.
Physician Portal
  • Simple and easy way for Physicians to login to the system and communicate with Health care agencies in a fast and secure way.
  • Physician Portal is designed uniquely for physicians to review patient clinical history, send referral orders and do electronic signature for orders, plan-of-care, face-to-face, monitor patient prognosis and enables any further communications with the agency.
  • This portal establishes a professional relationship between the Health Care agency and the referring physicians.
Hospice Software
  • Medstripes Hospice software boasts a fully integrated set of tools for streamline operations
  • assuring sticking to rules and regulations to remain in complete compliance.
  • Our Software ensures compliance with HIS requirements
  • manage IDT Plan of Care as required by hospice by consolidating meeting notes from the patient’s previous visit information
Wound Care Management

With the aging population, as well as the increase in diabetes and obesity, effective wound care management system is a growing need. Chronic wounds are on the rise, affecting approximately 6.5 million people in the US. Our interactive wound care management system helps clinicians…

  • Give the most effective care for patients and monitor prognosis which is achieving positive healing outcomes.
  • A neat glossary and flash cards to look or reinforce information on important wound related term.
  • Key definitions related to wound management.
  • Helps document wound care plan that provides a set of goals to track the progress of the healing process of the wound.
Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Avoiding risk at all times is the best solution. Our electronic visit verification (EVV) helps manage visit schedule and fights potential fraud. Ensure compliance at all times.

  • System documents the proof of visit electronically
  • Captures vist date and time instantly
  • A simple EVV tool that is compatible with all mobile device and easy to use.
  • Schedule conflicts identified by color coded reports
  • Take corrective measure when a caregiver/aide is late or absent.
  • GPS enabled location pointer
Home Care Private Duty Software

A unique system that will be specifically designed for PHC/PAS, Pediatric home health, Hospice, Hospital, and Data Analytics for Artificial Intelligence that is critical for Hospital Administrators, predicting the number of patient visits to emergency departments, along with their admission rates, is critical for optimizing resources for all levels of staff planning and avoid unnecessary wait time and improves the QUALITY of the patient care. Statistical analysis using a cloud-based solution using advanced data science methodologies using public and private cloud infrastructures. Pediatric Home Health / Hospice / PHC: : System will have a simple workflow and tracks tasks effectively.

  • With secure messaging, reports and Medicare/Medicaid claims & electronic billing
  • Includes Case Conference summary, Comprehensive assessments, Plan-of-Care.
Roles & Permissions

Role-based access control
Our software ensures that all workforce members have appropriate access to the protected health information within the information systems, applications, programs or files required to perform job responsibilities using minimum necessary information and to prevent workforce members from accessing, obtaining or threatening the security of protected health information.

Family Portal
  • Our Family Portal enables parents to easily view their child’s medical records
  • family members to monitor their loved one’s progress
  • communicate directly with caregivers, doctors, or other family and friends about the status of a loved one.
Referral Services

Allows easy integration with external systems including

  • electronic referrals
  • 3rd party clinical systems
  • financial monitoring and cost reporting systems
  • state mandated EVV systems

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